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How to Help

Building the Dictionary

In order for us to take the Nepali language into the 21st century and for it to thrive, we need to build a strong dictionary. See the step-by-step details on how you can help in this article.

NLP Programming

Right now, my goal is to populate Wiktionary with as many Nepali words as possible by following the designed template. I alone cannot achieve this goal in a certain timeframe, but if you are ready to collaborate on this project we definitely will meet our goal which is to make Nepali a very resourceful language in Natural Language Processing (NLP). Once we have ample words listed in Wiktionary, it will be a foundation for many NLP related work such as translation, sentiment analysis, Word Sense Disambiguity (WSD), etc.

Currently, I am working on WSD for which I am running an analysis on Nepali texts, parsing them using NLP++ programming language and VisualText editor to disambiguate words (which means finding the correct meaning of the word based on its use in the sentences as a word can have various meanings). Currently, using the Wiktionary data, my goal is to write programming to read the Nepali Wiktionary contents and identify the correct meaning of the word.


Those interested in helping get the word out, please read this press release article.